Point of sale systems for restaurants, grocery, and meat stores

Point of sale system that is modern, user-friendly and securely hosted in cloud

Consolidate in-store and online orders on a single platform.

Point of sale system that is modern, user- friendly and securely hosted in cloud

Easy setup

Quick and easy configuration of product and menu offerings. Make changes in real time that will be configured on all machines instantly.

Flexible payment

Offer flexible payments to customers and even create house accounts for employees and catering customers with account balance mechanism.

Customer loyalty

Capture, understand and access customer details through e-receipts and order details for better loyalty deals and promotions.

Dashboard & reporting

Analyze sales and top performing product items using Cloud based reporting system.

Website & app integration for all orders

Seamless integrated online ordering from your website and mobile apps. No need for a separate machine or tablet to receive orders for your website

  • Consolidated customer view
  • Single window for in-store and online orders
  • Full access to customer data

High performance

Fast and scalable software designed to manage high volume in-store transactions. Industry leading hardware for performance centric business solutions.

  • Fast order taking
  • State-of-the-art hardware
  • Fast & secure payments

Online & offline synching

Auto online and offline synching keeps your business running without dependency on internet connectivity.

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Menu builder

Build your own custom menus

  • Multi location menu management
  • Handle complex menu variations
  • Real time updates

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